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Does anyone know a good live/bootable educational cd, in Spanish? This is for use in a library in Mexico for children around 5-12 years of age. The computer unfortunately does not have a hard drive, so installation is not an option and need to run off a cd.

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While I have never used Edubuntu, I use Ubuntu for everything, have almost completely replaced everything else for my entire family. I have often run it off a Live CD to show other people or to browse safely in public places on other peoples computers. I believe it would be worth giving Edubuntu a try since the only cost is the time to download and a little learning. You can start it in Spanish, though here again I have no experience with languages other than English.

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Thanks! Actually I checked out Edubuntu but it comes as an add-on cd, and requires Ubuntu already installed. Unfortunately, the box I am working with does not have a hard drive. – Jason Nov 4 '09 at 17:27

Would you be referring to something like this -- MAX.
MAX is an educational Knoppix 3.3 based LiveCD distribution.

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So far, I'm looking at Qimo - it looks very simple to use and has a choice to set the language to Spanish when booting up. It's got TuxTyping, TuxMath, and some others. Looking good so far.

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There is a derivative of Puppy Linux being translated at present. Hansamben. It has Gcompris, tux-type, tuxmath, tuxpaint with stamps, Abiword etc
The size of the ISO in English is 208mb, then there are add-ons. In Spanish its 200mb.

Its WIP. The help files are taking some time, so it will probably be uploaded as an Alpha soon.

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