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I am about to travel, and I will be using a new laptop (to be purchased in the next day or two) for all my work during my travels. I have a lot of information stored in my firefox browser (e.g. passwords, form inputs etc), which makes my life easy.

I need to export all the data in my firefox, so that I can import it for use with firefox on my new laptop. Ideally, I want to be able to export the data into a text file and then import into firefox on my laptop.

Does anyone know how I may export/import my personal data from/into firefox?

As an aside, my desktop OS is Ubuntu 12.0.4 LTS and it is very likely that my new laptop will be running Ubuntu too.

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Just copy the profile folder and place it on a flash drive. Then migrate the profile folder to the correct location on the new computer. – Ramhound Oct 8 '13 at 11:45
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Firefox addon Password Exporter

You can import/export passwords.

Firefox Sync

Firefox Sync is a secure way to exchange bookmarks/passwords/history/etc between two computers through the Internet.

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I recommend using the Firefox sync method, however if your trying to locate the file in which they are stored on Ubuntu then:

"you can copy " .mozilla" file as backup, in case you reinstall the system.

file is hidden in home folder and can be viewed by selecting ' show hidden files ' from nautilus menu. you have to copy it in the same location after system reinstall" -

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As @Ramhound stated, the easiest and most direct way to copy all data from one Firefox profile to another is by copying the profile folder to a flash drive and form it copying it to the new laptop.

On Linux, the profile folder is located at:

~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile folder>


The profile folder is, in most cases, a single folder with a randoname.default kind of format. That is what your profile is. You might also find in the firefox/ folder a .ini file called profiles.ini that contains the path information for your profile. The following is an example:



Copy it to a flash drive and in the other installation, just paste it. Remember to alter the profiles.ini to match your profile.

In alternative, just run Firefox in the following way:

./firefox -profilemanager


This will take you to the Profile Manager, where you can then select your old profile.

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