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I want to route all traffic to a website over my wireless connection while the rest of the traffic using my lan. What I tried was first finding out the IP address of the website I want to go to. For example, lets say I found it resolves to I have entered that entry into my hosts file. I then added that route using route add mask WirelessIP. It doesn't seem to work however. Instead of using the IP address, is there a way that I can just say.. this URL to route over that connection? Does anyone know of a program that I can install that will do this.. possibly some sort of proxy or a software load balancer that can do this?

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Actually.. what worked for me is:

route add mask WIRELESS_GATEWAY metric 1

Specifying the interface may have worked.. but it worked for me the way I specified above so no need to specify interface condition

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Your route add command should work. But, you'll probably need to specify the interface and metric options:

route add mask metric 1 if uu.vv.ww.xx
                                   a low metric --^    ^-- your wireless ip

If you don't specify the metric and the interface, Windows will figure out those values in such a way as to use your LAN connection.

Windows will use the route with the lowest metric value. Metric is assigned based on relative speed. The LAN will always have a lower metric because it's a "faster" connection (100 Mbps or 1000 Mbps) than the wireless (54 Mbps).

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