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I have a host that is handling the backups for many guests on hosts to a Netgear ready NAS CIFS share. The Software is vRanger Some of the guests backup have no issues some Guests do. The Guests live on various hosts with various OS's with various workloads. there are no obvious similarities between all the working and non-working guest

5 of our machines are having their backup failed the only real common thread is they are all doing incremental backups. Their Full backups complete with out any issues. it is only when they have done their full backup and require a incremental backup. The Flags i have used on the job are: "ABM",Compress and Update notes. I have used these setting on all my guests.

The error code is "3208"

"An Internal error occured duering execution, please contact Quest support if the error persists. Error message:3208 - can't read cifs:username@address/path///*/*.machine_vmdk.var"

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