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I have a password protected Cruzer U3 flash drive. When trying to access the data contained on this drive, I typed the password incorrectly, and it is no longer prompting me for a password. I cannot access the drive's contents. Some Google searches* turned up a page on Lockergnome that describes a situation similar to mine. However, none of the solutions I found appears to be viable. All of them suggest that I format my drive, which contains incredibly important documents. Is there an alternate way to retrieve my data without formatting the drive?

* Search terms included "Bypassing U3 password lock", "Unlocking locked USB flash drives", and "U3 Cruzer recovery"

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If you have access to a Linux machine or live CD try plugging it into that. I've never tried it with the U3 password stuff, but I've gotten around other security measures just by simply using a Linux OS to view the files on removable media – Callen L Oct 8 '13 at 21:55

This device is designed to do this. Many people have the same problem on the Sandisk forums and the answer is always the same. Format the drive.

Sorry mate!

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Just for typing the password incorrectly it does this? – Kevin Panko Oct 8 '13 at 21:22

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