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Could you advise,please, what approach to use in following situation:

i'm gonna draw simple comics and ,as I see ,there are two ways:

  1. make hand pic. ,scan it and vectorize with Corel Trace or some other tracer (don't know exactly yet) or
  2. use graphics tablet,if it saves vector graphics;

So, the problem is to get quite good vector output from handmade pic.

Your opinions and experiences?

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Here's how I've done it before:

  1. pencil sketch
  2. scan
  3. Adobe Illustrator -> select image -> Live Trace. I start with the comic setting. Tweak threshold, blur, and path to get the image you want. Don't click strokes; fills scale much better.
  4. Convert to Live Paint. Coloring is trivial.

In this image, my Live Trace wasn't quite closing some gaps so I went back and redrew some lines. The white dots are touch ups with Fireworks, post-scan, to make the Live Trace more accurate. There's probably a way to do this with Illustrator, but I'm a novice.

(Please refrain from upvoting based on this incredible display of fine art.)

alt text

I've tried a Wacom Graphite 2 drawing tablet but it was a little slippery and sensitive and required some kind of drawing adjustment for me to get used to. Plus, I couldn't draw as fast as I can with pencil and paper.

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+1 - I just couldn't help myself. Such beauty, such talent ;-) – Rook Nov 8 '09 at 4:38
Uhmm, ... what is it exactly ? :-) – Rook Nov 8 '09 at 4:39
Is it a hypertoad? – dlamblin Nov 8 '09 at 12:09
Yes, it was supposed to be a toad. I was discussing them during dinner and drew it on an envelope. – hyperslug Nov 8 '09 at 23:07

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