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I have a directory of files that I want to make accessible by web browser.

I'd like to see them exposed in a classic two-pane layout:

  • a tree navigation on one side, letting you browse the folder structure and nodes

  • a content pane on the order, which shows the file if that file happens to be HTML, clicking links of course would update the content pane only (ala frames)

"Extra credit:" preferred by not required

  • open source
  • render markdown files directly
  • render office docs
  • render source code
  • search files by filename
  • search by content
  • bookmarkable url
  • add (upload)/rename/delete files
  • edit files (text/html)
  • edit files (rtf, xls, etc.)
  • themable (so I can match look of our pages on intranet)
  • no database; ideally this is backed by just the filesystem; don't want extra state floating around
  • mobile support

What I've looked at:

A class of apps that might work:

  • web-based help systems are closer to what I'm thinking of, but I can't find any that are backed by filesystem
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any luck finding a solution to this? – clifgray Oct 8 '14 at 16:41

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