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I'm using an SK-8135 Dell keyboard- the one with the volume knob. I was wondering how
I could improve its 'integration' in Windows. for example, when I'm using RythmBox in Ubuntu pressing the next key causes the next song to play even when it's not the active window. This is different in Windows. When I'm using VLC for example the window has to be the active one so that the next or previous song plays. The volume knob affects the system sound so that's not a problem. I'd like to be able to change the song while browsing or coding.
NOTE: I'm not using a Dell desktop, I just bought the Dell keyboard because it's really
cool. I have a Veriton(Acer) desktop computer.

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You need to configure this inside VLC: Tools > Preferences > Hotkeys then click under "Global" and press hotkey combination.

BTW, in my opinion VLC isn't the best choice for music, it's a bit heavy on resources for music and when you play\pause it takes him a few seconds to fully stop. I use Foobar 2000 (after trying several other music players), it's very light on resources (though I've seen others even lighter) and it has many available plugins.

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I've tried setting the global hotkey to next but it only works when VLC is the current window. I've tried Foobar 2000 and it does what I want to do, the thing is, it doesn't play video. I want to do what Foobar 2000 does in VLC. – Segfault Oct 10 '13 at 13:18
Sorry about that. It works now, after a restart. Thanks. – Segfault Oct 10 '13 at 20:26

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