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I have this function:


...which returns how a given stock was doing on a given date. The function returns a csv that looks like this:

Date      Open  High    Low    Close    Volume    Adj Close
1/7/2013  522   529.3   515.2  523.9    17291300  514.05

I.E: 2 rows and 7 columns is pasted in the cell I have the function in.

I am only interested in the value written in the Close-column. So is there a way to filter out this value so that "523.9" is all I would receive from the function written above?

Would be great if this is possible without storing the full table somewhere else first, but any solution is better than no solution of course. This is for Google Spreadsheet but perhaps its the same solution as in Excel.

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Updated with an answer. – mdc Oct 14 '13 at 9:35
See for exclusive Google Spreadsheet formulas. The other tags are of no use (since they do not work) and therefore you should've asked this on Web Applications !! – Jacob Jan Tuinstra Oct 22 '13 at 15:02

Received an answer here:

The answer was:

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