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When I open a new tab in FF24, the cursor focus goes to the address bar, which is very annoying because my home page is Google and, by habit, I start typing stuff thinking it goes in the search box. Is there any way (about:config) to switch the focus by default from the address bar into the first text box in HTML (which, in the above example, would be the Google search box)?

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No, not by default, at least not by using any of the hundred or so extensions that I looked at in the Search category - there are about a thousand others.

However, whatever you type in the address bar, if it's not a web location, gets searched in your currently selected search engine. You can press Ctrl+K (or on Mac, Cmd+K) to move the focus to the browser window's search box, where Alt (or Option) and the up/down arrow keys permit you to select a search engine.

If you switch to Chrome, you can press Tab to move the focus to the page's search box.

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