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I have going nuts with this issue lately. Chrome has a list of all my username/passwords for several sites however, it is very finicky for what autocomplete options it gives me when I try to login into these sites. Sometimes, it will show me only one option. Then if I type another username/pass (which I've already saved before), it will give me the option to save that info on the subsequent page. However, when I go back later, its not an option anymore BUT it still in the list of stored passwords within Chrome. I'm going insane. Does anyone have a solution or insight to this? I only have over 200-300 saved logins. And this seems to be a widespread issue.

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Have you tried looking at chrome://settings/passwords ? I suspect you may find multiple entries for the same site. Why that happens and how to prevent it, I'm not sure... but you could at least try deleting the conflicting entries for a certain site and see if that fixes the problem. –  Brian Z Oct 11 '13 at 18:54

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