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I'm having an issue with MPV (the MPlayer2 fork). I set it to use the OpenGL Video Output because it looks/performs the best on my laptop (older Intel). However, every time I open a video, it gives me an error stating "X11 error: GLXBadFBConfig" and proceeds to tell me "Could not create GLX context!" but still displays the video, which makes me think it's using a fallback video output (probably the X11 vo).

I've looked it up and it seems it's caused by the video driver not supporting the level of OpenGL the application is trying to use, but I used the OpenGL VO on MPlayer2 without issue.

Is this a known issue? Is there any way to fix it? I'm using Manjaro (Arch-based) x86_64 Testing branch, so I've got the latest Mesa and drivers...

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