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I am just starting a new business and I need to keep track of all my current activities. I would later switch to to a full CRM for managing my business but for now i need the following features:

  • Reminders for jobs

  • Diary to note daily activities which allows me to link audio and video files because I tend to think aloud while doing work and record my ideas on the go so that i don't forget anything. Also this will serve as work logs so i can track back any details i want.

  • Question and Answers or some notes where i can categorize problems and solutions and to common issues, ideally which will let me make categories. Something like what superuser has but then that is like asking for a lot.

  • Calender which can give and overview of all the jobs for the day/week /month

  • Contacts manager for both email and telephone contacts, which can link to my email software. (Outlook or ThunderBird)

  • Job Manager which would allow me to view the jobs pending based on priority, date, percentage of job left to be completed, etc.

The software should ideally be free but you can suggest a paid software too if the software has all of the above features or if it's an exceptional organizer software

The software should run on Windows

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Have you heard of EssentialPIM? Looks like it may have all the features that you need in the free version.


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i was thinking about this one as well, however, it's only free for 'personal' use, so it doesn't exactly fit the bill, other than that it's an excellent choice. –  Molly7244 Nov 4 '09 at 20:58
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If I were you, I would use some sort of a wiki to do this, even if it means that some things like calendar pages need a bit of work to set up and don't look as pretty. The payoff is that the wiki can be stretched into handling a lot more functionality than any tool that targets these specific tasks.

For instance, you could download Wikidpad 1.8final from here: http://wikidpad.sourceforge.net/

Or download this all in one file Javascript wiki called Tiddlwiki: http://www.tiddlywiki.com/

Or use Tomboy for Windows (the Linux version is now a standard tool on Ubuntu): http://projects.gnome.org/tomboy/

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