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I have a VM running Ubuntu in Windows 7. Is it possible to open a file that a have on the windows filesystem in a program that is run in the VM? Or do it Have to use dropbox or something like that?

enter image description here

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You can setup a shared folder. Make sure you have the VBoxAdditions installed in your Ubuntu guest and create a new shared folder by choosing Devices->Shared Folders of the VBox window of the running guest. Afterwards, you should be able to mount the folder in Ubuntu using the following command:

sudo mount -t vboxsf FOLDERNAME /mnt

(I assumed the name of the share you just created is FOLDERNAME). You should be able to see all files of the directory in /mnt. Find more information here or here.

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You can't access any files outside of the VM's virtual hard drive. You can still use a USB drive or any cloud storage service for file transfer between Windows and Ubuntu running on the VM.

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