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I have been trying to follow this TUT http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2013/02/23/dual-boot-fedora-18-and-windows-7-on-a-single-hdd-with-fde-on-both-ends/ and things were going well up until a point. On page two (step 3), I followed the directions and got the same message as displayed in the screenie. But. I think something went wrong here because when I tried to close the terminal, it said it was busy. I ignored the message and rebooted, thus, moving on to step 4.

Here, I installed EasyBCD on Win7 and tried to follow the directions to the best of my ability. The TUT didn't seem entirely clear, but I think I followed it correctly. When I clicked on the Linux/BSD, I entered a different name (if that makes a difference) since I am using Fedora 19 rather than 18. So, I just entered what was on the Grub2 bootscreen for the name. After, I completed step 4, I found that I was unable to boot into Fedora.

Is everything fine with this TUT or is there a better way to set up FDE with Fedora 19 and Win7? Did I make a mistake maybe?

I am ready to start from scratch again and make this work or try something new.


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