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I want to get rid of these completely:

{ "keys": ["ctrl+up"], "command": "scroll_lines", "args": {"amount": 1.0 } },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+down"], "command": "scroll_lines", "args": {"amount": -1.0 } },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+shift+up"], "command": "swap_line_up" },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+shift+down"], "command": "swap_line_down" },

Just have those keys do nothing.

So I copied them into my default user bindings and then... what?

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Owen_R's solution does not work in Sublime 3; instead of false, just put a command that does not exist:

{ "keys": ["ctrl+up"],          "command": "pass" },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+down"],        "command": "pass" },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+shift+up"],    "command": "pass" },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+shift+down"],  "command": "pass" },

I know this post is old and you asked specifically for ST2, but since this post still appears in the first results on most search engines, I think it will help people to find ST3's solution here too.

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Yeah, I'm still using ST2, but I started just binding things to "do_nothing" a while ago... until the notification email from your here answer, I forgot I even ever used to use the false thing. – Owen_R Jan 22 at 16:47

Oh, it's just:

{ "keys": ["ctrl+up"],          "command": false },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+down"],        "command": false },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+shift+up"],    "command": false },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+shift+down"],  "command": false },
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If you want to bind something like ctrl+l to other things using ctrl+l w for example then disabling it won't work because will completely disable the use of ctrl+l for complex bindings as well. You have to install package: PackageResourceViewer and then using the command palette in sublime after installing use open Resource from that package and navigate to Default/Default (Your OS).sublime-keymap. Then comment out the lines in this file of the bindings you don't want. This won't override them but just permanently remove them as defaults so other packages can set and use them so depends your desired outcome.

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