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I need to recover data from quick-formatted DVD-R. Please advise a free of charge option (cheap commercial tools will be ok either).

Disk was partially recorded with Windows built in disk recorder and recording most likely was not complete. Afterwards I have inserted partially recorded DVD again and on Windows recorder's message box 'How to use this disk?' selected - 'use for CD/DVD player' and data was completely lost - as new recording session was started.

Files of photos were recorded on disk.

What I have tried so far:

  1. DiskInternals CD-DVD recovery - sees 5 jpg files but can't show preview. Tool is commercial - trial version does not allow to recover files.
  2. CDCheck - doesn't see any files and reports errors at attempt to scand DVD
  3. CD Recovery Toolbox Free - does not even recognize DVD drive
  4. ISO Buster - recognizes two files - one MP3 file for 99% of recorded size and one ARC file for about 100 KB
  5. MiniTool Power Data Recovery - Free Edition - does not see any files on DVD
  6. Stellar Phoenix CD DVD Data Recovery - does not see any files
  7. BinaryBiz Virtual Lab - sees DVD disk but needs license to browse content

Please advise how is it possible to recover files from DVD.

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I Suppose you meant DVD-RW, since you can not format DVD-Rs. – who.knows Oct 28 '13 at 10:25
@who.knows It was DVD-R - recording session for it was not closed for some reason - I don't know why (suppose it was either due to recording method or due to error that interrupted recording). And for non-closed recording session it is possible to start new session or in some other way reorganize remaining space - in other words to format. – Andrii Kalytiiuk Oct 29 '13 at 9:45

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