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When I try stuff like in my .profile:

set -o vi-tabcomplete

I get:

.profile[292]: vi-tabcomplete: bad option(s)

Does anyone know of a workaround?

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It depends which flavour of ksh you have.

Older pre-ksh-93 shells support 'double-escape' auto complete - so you hit Esc twice instead of Tab once.

ksh-93 uses set -o viraw to enable tab completion.

Public-domain ksh, pdksh which you may be able to obtain and use if your environment permits, is the one that supports the set -o vi-tabcomplete syntax. It also supports set -o vi-esccomplete for compatibility with older ksh variants.

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In Fedora 11's ksh, you get tab completion after just set -o vi

Version M 93t 2008-11-04
$ rpm -q -a | grep ksh
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