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A friend, at work, has a folder contacts (with his personal contacts) in his local *.pst folder, When he writes a new message, whet he click on To.. it opens only the company's contacts. Also, i have noticed that when I click properties on his local folder, go to Outlook Addreess Book, the "Name of this address book" checkbox is unchecked and disabled. How can I repair this, so he can use his personal contacts folder?

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Problem solved: (As I mentioned this is for Office Outlook 2003)

  • open Tools/E-Mail Accounts
  • add new direcory or address book
  • aditional address book
  • select Outlook Address Book and click next
  • go back to the original folder (in contacts)
  • open properties
  • in "Outlook Address Book" tab check the "Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book"
  • hit ok and problem solved


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As for the main symptom, you can manually set the address books that are used for name checking and their order of precedence.

In Outlook 2007: Tools -> Address Book -> Tools -> Options

There, you can add address lists to the name checking process.

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At work I have Office 2003 :) I'll find I way to make it work – Remus Rigo Nov 5 '09 at 19:06

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