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i got a problem:

i got a Shinko CHC-S2145 printer and have to print from Ubuntu 12.04 (x86) - i need some special features that are only aviable with a linux machine. I installed VirtualBox and created a VM with Win7 Pro (x86).

I've installed the shinko drivers on windows - mounted the printer (USB2.0) on the VM and i could print.

Now I need to print from Ubuntu through Windows. I can add the printer as samba share (host-only adapter) but it needs the drivers (i dont have..).

I've tried lots of other drivers, i tried to install driver software with wine - but it didn't worked at all.

So is there a way to add the print from the VM to Ubuntu without additional drivers?

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"solved" - i'm using now windows as host an ubuntu as VM. The special thing i've done on ubuntu host i transferred in the VM. and it works now. –  CodeBrauer Oct 22 '13 at 10:45
Thanks for closing the loop on your question. However, you did it in a way typical of forums, which will confuse people and mess up the system here, which is a Q&A model. In this format, the question should be only the question, and the solution should be an answer (and we don't use the "solved" notation in the title). Can you move the solution to an answer (and accept it, which will identify that it's solved)? Thanks. And congrats on your solution. –  fixer1234 1 hour ago

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