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I want to be able to open an application every time a live Centos image boot. I already have extracted the contents of initrd.img file, and analyse the init file, but with no success.

I know that i have to create a folder - autostart - in /home/centoslive/.config, and touch a file myApp.desktop That file should have as content: [Desktop Entry]


in resume the file should be in: /home/centoslive/.config/autostart/myApp.desktop

The problem is that i can't touch this file throw any of the contents of the initrd.img.

If someone could help me with that, i would THANK YOU ...

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I would recommend you to add this application to the autostartup-items through the settings:

System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications

So you can add it without touching the initrd.img-file.

enter image description here

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Thanks you for your answer Chris... Yes, i know that we can add apps to be opened at Boot throw that way, but as the CentOS is in RAM, everytime i start the OS that definitions are gone. Thats why tose settings haver to be in initrd.img – ricfar Oct 14 '13 at 22:41

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