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I'm trying to run XBMC on a Dell Dimension 4300S (stock parts). I cannot get it to finish a live boot. It gets stuck on "restarting openbsd secure shell server sshd" [see picture].

alt text

Any ideas?

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Since the XBMC Live is based on Ubuntu (mobile),
it might help to try a Ubuntu Live CD boot on your hardware.
It would give you a better debug environment to check what is blocking it.

The XBMC Hardware Discussion forum may also have useful notes -- but, I have not checked that.

Update: Can you confirm that a regular Ubuntu LiveCD works fine?

Update2: Hardware limitations (and driver support) is what I suspect.
Maybe you should install XBMC on a regular Ubuntu and check out the dependencies required for it to work on your hardware. You could do this with a USB Installed Ubuntu with XBMC added in (and other required updates). This would work fine off a 8 GB USB (maybe even 4GB).

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The computer is running Ubuntu. That what I was using prior to XBMC to stream media from my home server. – Chris Nov 5 '09 at 4:38
I can confirm that it does work fine. That is obviously what I used to install it initially. I tested the XBMU livecd on another machine to see if it was a bad iso, and there's nothing wrong with the cd. It booted fine into my lenovo notebook. ------ Think maybe the specs are too low? Because when I ran it in safe mode to boot with an "ATI/AMD GPU" I think I remember it dictating something about not recognizing ATI/AMD hardware, when in fact it does contain an ATI GPU. – Chris Nov 5 '09 at 18:21
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Well, since no one wanted to help me, I figured it out myself. I just installed it as software on the machine. Setup the third-party software key and updates and I was good to go. Just installed through the terminal and it runs like a charm.

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