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I have a modem (from my ISP) and have bought an Asus RT-N66U as (wireless) router. I would like this router to act as DHCP and it is mostly working OK. The router is giving out the IP's and all connected devices have internet access.

There is only one problem. I have to set a LAN DNS in the router. It won't pick up the DNS from the modem. That is, it does get them in de WAN DNS settings but my clients can't seem to use that value. Only if I set a LAN DNS value it works. Since the DNS from my ISP changes from time to time I do not like it being in there as a hard setting and I would like my router to just use the DNS from the modem.

I know I could use OpenDNS or Google DNS but I would like to use the DNS from my ISP.

I have tried to set the LAN DNS to (modem) but that doesn't work.

Any idea what I should change?

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