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I am trying to install Windows Vista on my laptop in which the CD drive no longer works. I decided I would install via USB flash drive. On that same laptop I created my bootable flash drive, vLited it to remove some undeeded things and now my laptop wont boot. It tells me that im missing a "hal.dll" file.

So now my laptop is out of commission fully. I have resorted to my old desktop which is running on windows xp. I want to create another bootable flash drive from an original unaltered copy of vista that i have just aquired. When I run DISKPART I cannot get the thing to show up in "LIST DISK" it just shows my computers harddrive. It is fully plugged in and shows up when I go to "my computer" as I: but not in diskpart. Any ideas why?

Im quite desperate now. And am willing to try anything. Can anyone help?

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IT WORKED! I emulated vista on my desktop in order to format my drive and copy the files over for the install and then it installed perfectly! THANKS SUPERUSERS!! – Josiah Nov 6 '09 at 15:23
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Looks like you are out of luck to create a bootable USB drive from XP which will work for installing Vista, according to this blog article by James O'Neill at MS. You need to find a Vista / Win7 / Server 2008 machine to do this, or try and fix the install you already have as advised by harrymc. And maybe don't vLite it next time round?

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You think i can emulate vista on my xpdesk top to pull that off? Im not really savvy on the specifics of how emulation works. – Josiah Nov 5 '09 at 10:03

The following two articles relate to XP, but will probably also apply to Vista:

Missing Or Corrupt Hal.dll Error Resolution
Restore Hal.dll From the Windows XP CD

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