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I am new in PowerShell scripting. I have video with my Sony RX100 but the files is big and i want to convert them. All original video and PHOTOS is stored in a structure like "c:\2013\2013-10-16 bla bla info about what's in directory\filename.MTS" (YYYY\YYYY-MM-DD INFO.MTS.

I have found script and change and i have now a script what convert a video and store it under c:\Movies. But my problem is that filename say nothing about my video.

  1. Any tip how I can i.e. rename files to "2013-10-16"+orginalname+"bla bla info about whats in directory"?

  2. I also have old films with extension .AVI. Can I make some changes to my script and convert both avi and mts videos?

    $handbrake = "C:\Program Files\Handbrake\HandBrakeCLI.exe"
    $destfolder = "C:\Movies\"
    $files = @(Get-ChildItem . *.MTS -Recurse | Where {$_ -notmatch '-AppleTV 3\.avi$'})
    foreach ($file in $files)
    $newFileName = $file.Fullname -replace '\.MTS$','-AppleTV 3.avi'
            & $handbrake -i $file.FullName -o $newFileName --preset "AppleTV 3"
            if ($LastExitCode -ne 0)
                Write-Warning "Error converting $($file.FullName)"
            write-Warning "File $($file.FullName) Previously Converted"
        Move-Item $newFileName $destfolder -force
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What do you mean about what's in the directory? Whats in the movie itself? Or take something like the directory name and use that as the file name? Ex C:\videos\FamilyVaction2010\video1.ext and rename as C:\FamilyVacation2010Video1.ext ? –  AthomSfere Oct 17 '13 at 0:40

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