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I need to convert multiple images to dds on gimp but since there are more than a hundred of them, i don't want to do it one by one. What i'm looking for is a way to convert them with the specific options i used on gimp. I searched for it on the internet and i couldn't find anything close to my problem. I hope someone can give a clear answer or i'll start converting them one by one which will take hours i guess. Thanks in advance.

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What is a "dds"? – nc4pk Oct 16 '13 at 21:54
@tapped-out, an image format. – Mehmet Yüce Oct 16 '13 at 22:15

I suggest you to use ImageMagick if you need a batch conversion from or to DDS format. Latest version (currently is 6.8.7-4) support DDS format for both read and write (sse here).

The syntax is very simple, you can convert a file at once:

convert myfile.png

Or you can convert all the files with a single command (assuming your files are png, for example):

mogrify -format dds *.png  
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