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In Eclipse I use Crtl+Shift+F to autoformat code. After I installed SQL Developer (Oracle) I found that the windows shortcut it created also bound that Crtl+Shift+F to it. It took me awhile to find and I deleted/unbound shortcut and it worked, until I rebooted. When I rebooted, now something else is bound to Crtl+Shift+F but can't find what.

It just unfocuses Eclipse instead of formatting. No processes start in taskmanager or other process monitoring.

I tried this: http://www.donationcoder.com/Forums/bb/index.php?topic=18189.msg162881 and a most of the threads on here, like this one: How to find which program captures global keyboard shortcut?

but still no luck. According to Actvie HotKey: "Windows does not provide information about what program registered a particular global hotkey. Therefore this information is not available through ActiveHotkeys either."

The "answer" to other threads on here is to use Deep System Explorer, but that program is no longer maintained and a lot of flags pop up in my WOT, virus scanner, etc if I download older versions from google searches, etc.

So how do I find what is bound to this shortcut? Or better yet delete it.

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