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I'm looking for windows command or batch script to help me, i Spent 3h reading/ trying to find a solution i know its out there but my lack of scripting/programming isn't helping, hoping some can help me out.

I have a set of folders and files that i would like to bring up to the 2nd level subfolder which in this example would be subfolder1 & subfolder1 & subfolder3 etc.




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Your goal is risky - what happens if the same file name exists in multiple subdirectoies? Only one version can exist in a given folder.

The following command prompt one liner will move files as you requested, and duplicate names will overwrite already existing files with that name:

for /d %A in ("d:\folder\*") do @(pushd "%A"&(for /r /d %B in (*) do @move /y "%B\*" "%A" 2>nul)&popd)

Or, as a batch script:

@echo off
for /d %A in ("d:\folder\*") do (
  pushd "%A"
  for /r /d %B in (*) do move /y "%B\*" "%A" 2>nul
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Perfect!. it works just as intended. the files are unique so no overwriting will happen. Thank you very much. i wish superuser/stackexchange had built it "buy coffee" feature to show appreciation with more than just words. Thanks again. – user2827759 Oct 17 '13 at 4:46

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