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I have a sandisk cruzer switch pendrive. It is write protected. I want remove that write protection. I did Google very much i am not getting how to remove it. I tried on mac also but it didn't worked for me. So please can any one help me out to resolve this issue.? Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers

There may be 3 possibilities

  1. your pen drive have a physical lock and if it is enabled make sure to disable it
  2. try to format it with windows and if it does not allow you use "DISKPART" (it is run from command prompt for its commands google it ) to format it
  3. Use a LOW LEVEL FORMATTING TOOL to format it
  4. If above methods are not working , Use DISKPART to check the status (the drive is read only OR not) and if it is showing "read only : no" your drive has a hardware problem contact service center
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There is an easy way to Remove Write protection from pd.


  1. Open cmd as administrator
  2. Type some commands
    1. diskpart
    2. list disk
    3. select disk 1 (flash drive disk)
    4. attributes disk clear readonly (or to set -- 'attributes disk set readonly')
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