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I would like to associate .ICA files with Citrix online plugin, which is positioned at /Library/Application\ Support/Citrix/Citrix\ online\

How to do it?

The problem is, in the "Open with" menu I can select only apps in /Application folder!

(NOTE: unfortunately OS X thinks .ICA files belongs to iPhoto, which is not my case)

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I'm running Mtn Lion and can navigate to any folder in the Open With dialog box--you need to hit the button at the top, to the left of the search box. You can then navigate to your HD->Library folder. Once you select the citrix app, be sure to check Always Open With (near the bottom)

Alternate method: select any ica file, hit command-i, find the Open With section, navigate to the Citrix app, then click Change All.

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You are absolutely right: I must have been drunk when I tried to do it! ;) – Hobbes Oct 19 '13 at 12:31

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