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I have a PDF file that contains a customer list from the program CF Data Systems: Structure.

I need to import this customer data into QuickBooks, but the way QuickBooks imports requires it to be preformatted as cleanly as possible.

The problem I have is that the PDF file has customer data on multiple lines. Best case scenario, the data is supposed to be like the following:

CUST #     NAME          ADDRESS                       PHONE            FAX          . . . ETC.
00001      JOHN SMITH    1 MAIN ST., WORCESTER, MA     555-555-5555     555-555-6666

So essentially it has to be in 1 line. The problem is their customer data is on multiple lines, and each customer #/name has varying lines of data. For instance, the address data is split up onto 3 lines and the customer name is beneath the customer #.

I can manually move/edit the data but there are over 2000 customers. A macro is not usable because each line/customer has such varying data and the amount of lines used.

Is there a way I can import this data easier into QuickBooks?

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What exactly is your problem? Converting pdf to another file format or formatting the converted file so you can import it to quickbooks? – Tim Oct 17 '13 at 15:31
Formatting the PDF either with Acrobat, or formatting the Excel document we have of the same info to be imported into QuickBooks. I know in QB you can do a fixed width or delimited format, but neither of these work because of the way the data is presented to me. – Jesse Oct 17 '13 at 15:38
If you have the possibility to use an Excel document instead of a pdf, do it. It is much better suited. Try exporting it as a csv and importing it as the official support proposes (maybe you can even import the Excel file directly). If it does not work specify what exactly fails, what you have tried and ask a separate question (since it is unrelated to pdf then). – Tim Oct 17 '13 at 15:48

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