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Mac OS File explorer

Is there a way to make windows explorer or a software emulate the columned exploring system in the Mac OS?

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Oddly enough to me, people like this...

There are some software solutions to do similar things. I am not sure exactly the features you want, but Total Commander seems to have a strong fan base for many years.

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its close but the mac osx has an added preview pane. I have tens of thousands of photos to sort through and a columned explorer window has been the best and quickest way so far. I have sort of emulated it by opening several windows in columns - but sifting through so many folders is making the task very tedious. Image sorting programs are useless even the flag ship Bridge is awful! – Aasim Azam Oct 19 '13 at 4:58
@AasimAzam FYI you can enable a preview pane in Windows (7) Explorer, you won't get the multi column navigation but at least you can see your images, does this help? – Hefewe1zen Oct 19 '13 at 6:01
its what I am doing, but I need the easy file navigation to make it more streamline – Aasim Azam Oct 19 '13 at 6:03
I don't see how that is more streamlined to be honest. Windows 7 Breadcrumb approach seems better... buyt if you need a preview Total Commander seems to be a good approach... – AthomSfere Oct 19 '13 at 18:36

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