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A while ago, I consolidated multiple personal folders (.pst) into a single .pat file in Outlook 2007. This worked without a hitch.

I had 2 old .pst files, one named personal-2006.pst. I had an Outlook Mail folder, named Personal-2006 pointing to this .pst file. While cleaning up, I deleted (shift+delete) this .pst file. At the time I deleted it, Outlook was not running and the file successfully deleted.

However, the next time I started up Outlook, it still showed the mail folder Personal-2006. So I thought that maybe I had to close out of that mail folder, which I didn't do before deleting the .pst file. But when I try to close this mail folder, Outlook gives me an error that the file path to personal-2006.pst is not valid, so I can't remove the Personal-2006 mail folder from my Outlook folders.

So far, I've tried creating an other .pst file and renaming it to personal-2006.pst, but that doesn't work because Outlook says the file is not valid, and I've tried running file recovery software, but none of the file recovery software can find .pst files in Outlook.

Has anyone been able to resolve a similar issue?

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Go to File -> Data File Management. Find the Personal-2006 and remove it. If it is the Default, you will have to change the default to another file, restart, and then remove it.

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Thanks Chris. I am not sure how I missed it. Thanks again. – priyankpatel Nov 5 '09 at 16:18

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