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I want a way to run Cron job (automatically daily) on server that will delete all files only (not folders) which are older than X days from today's date, in the public_ftp folder and all its sub folders to n level (Max depth).

My server provider is


Yogi Yang

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The following script will do the trick:


find /path/to/folder/toclean -mtime +5 -type f -maxdepth 3 -exec rm -f {} \;

This assumes that the directory you wish to clean up is /path/to/folder/toclean, just replace it with your name. The command find -mtime +5 -type f finds all the files (-type f) which were last modified more than (+) 5 days ago, while -maxdepth 3 limits the depth of directory to search. The exec performs the actual removal.

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