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I am running the python console in my terminal on OSX and I would like to know if there are any keyboard shortcuts for navigating to the next/previous word or to the beginning or end of the line.

In my text editor for example I can use CMD + RIGHT ARROW to get to the end of a line, but this doesn't work here.

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If you are using the Python that comes with OS X, it was not built with Readline support at least in 10.8. You can still use basic Emacs-style keybindings:

  • control-A: go to beginning of line
  • control-E: go to end of line
  • option-B: go word backward
  • option-F: go word forward
  • control-K: delete to end of line
  • control-U: clear line
  • option-D: delete word forward
  • option-delete: delete word backward

If you installed Python with Homebrew, it was probably configured with Readline support, so you can use the same keybindings as in Bash.

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