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I really wanted to trust it. A week or so ago I was working on a PowerShell script saved inside my SkyDrive Pro 'drive'. I returned today to work on it and it's gone. I have 2 different apps - the PowerShell ISE and SSMS both showing it in recent files - both unable 'to find' it. I have a couple other workstation - all at the same 8.1 level - all using the same 'Live' account and Office365.

Win8.1 - Office 365 - have been running the MSDN version of 8.1 since it's release -about a month- so the recent update is not coming into play.

Would very much like to see logs of Skydrive interactions - also like to see a utility to autobacks SD files in a non-delete fashion.

ADDENDUM: Some clarification on the SkyDrive folder in question. The missing file is from the Win8.1 native SkyDrive folder - not Office365's SkyDrive Pro. As far as I know there's no other interface on this folder - it's bound to a local path what would be the same on any workstation I use from my 'Microsoft' account. The lexical hoops we have to deal with is going to become a problem in this newly clouded world.

enter image description here thx

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Check your Skydrive recycle bin - on the Skydrive web page it's in the lower left corner. – Brian Oct 20 '13 at 8:37
Not seeing that on my Office365 (sm biz prem) SkyDrive - the left panel shows 'Recent Files'; a toggle link to More or Few; at the very left lower corner is 'Use Office OnDemand'. – justSteve Oct 20 '13 at 10:45
Note your screenshot shows both SkyDrive Pro and SkyDrive which are different things. – Brian Oct 20 '13 at 13:54

Can look in the SkyDrive recycle bin.

Not sure about the Office365 which provides SkyDrive Pro. The regular accessed through has the recycle bin in the lower left as shown below.

picture of bottom left of logged in SkyDrive webpage

Not very familiar with SkyDrive Pro which is actually a form of Sharepoint behind the scenes which by default blocks various file types. See: Types of files that cannot be added to a list or library Still for Sharepoint Online it doesn't block the various PowerShell script file types.

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