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I run 64-bit Windows 7 and have both Internet Explorer 10 and a newly-downloaded copy of Google Chrome. I downloaded the latter when I found that I could not look (preview) the contents of books sold on Amazon (using its "Look Inside" feature) and wanted to try to get a handle on how extensive the problem was (i.e., whether it occurred on other browsers, too). It turns out that this isn't a problem with Chrome. However, I have grown accustomed over the years to IE and would prefer to resolve this problem instead.

Here's an example of my attempt to 'Search Inside' a book on sale at Amazon:

I understand that I can't (as is the case in some technical support websites) add a screen shot (ie. JPG to this), but if I were to describe what this looks like in IE, the area where the text would appear appears as a blank white page with horizontal lines where the text would ordinarily be. I have just examined this posting of mine via Chrome and the contents of the selected page are clearly visible.

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Welcome to Super User! I've edited your question to make it more clear what you're asking. I also changed the windows-explorer tag to internet-explorer—Windows Explorer means something else. Your questions still needs some work, though. It would help if you could explain exactly what happens when you try to preview a book, on both Chrome and IE. (Annotated, if possible) screenshots would help even more (a picture's worth a thousand words!). As I recall, new users cannot post images inline, but you can go ahead and edit in links to them, and we'll put them inline for you. :) – Blacklight Shining Oct 20 '13 at 17:51
Maybe this belongs on – Scott Oct 20 '13 at 19:17
@Scott Power users of web applications? Nah, not really. This seems like basic functionality to me. Many people who would buy a book on Amazon would also want to preview it. – Blacklight Shining Oct 21 '13 at 5:50
Not sure if I understand your question properly but I can read everything on the webpage you mentioned just fine in IE 10 on a 64-bit PC with Windows 7 Enterprise – mvark Oct 22 '13 at 8:26

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