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I am doing some work with template files which are found in various folders on the system, all falling under a common ancestor directory, but not always within the same parent directory. I am looking for a power app which combines the best of Windows 7 and Mac worlds all in one. What I would like is,

  1. In the bottom part of the application I would like, there should be this interface, where users can view the entire path to a directory or file, while at the same time viewing all siblings of ancestor directories:

Simultaneous Browsing Directory Trees and Files on a Mac

  1. In the top part of the application, I would like multiple user-defined instances of the functionality introduced in the Windows Vista file manager named Windows Explorer, also found on Windows 7, whereby although only the contents of one folder (AKA directory) is shown at one time, in the top there is a separate component, with clickable elements on the file path.

This is there on the Mac, but what I want is an application which lets me pin these file paths at the top of the application, in the same way that applications may be pinned to the start menu. Then I can switch between views by clicking on any of the folders contained inside them.

Anyone think this could be good for the developer's user experience? If anyone knows of such an application, which implements the functionality I described, then please let me know, otherwise anyone feel free to implement such an app.

Here is a rough picture of what the app would look like:

enter image description here

The rows at the top of the application should all show different paths, despite being the same in the picture, and the contents at the bottom show the details of folders and their siblings and file contents for the selected path at the top. The black double-arrow head drawn in enables the various paths to be scrolled. A user can load these according to whatever source code the user is working on.

Feedback Welcome.

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