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It started with me following this how to geek article in order to get the utility clipout working, however it is not showing up in send to menu.

Copy-paste from the discussion page

Option is not visible in the the send to menu.

The only options I have is compressed (zipped) folder and Documents, even though I have lots of other icons in the send to menu folder such as Dropbox, Skype etc. I have disabled tweaked services @ http://www.blackviper.com/2010/12/17/black-vipers-windows-7-2, might that be it? I looked through services, but didn't see any description that led me to believe it was a relevant service for this function.

If I create a new folder in send to folder it shows up as option, I was also able to get Desktop (Create shortcut) to work, since it was missing, by creating file Desktop (create shortcut).desklink.

As you can see, I'm able to add certain kinds of items to send to menu such as a new folder, but not shortcuts to .exe files.

Author replied with

There really isn't any magic to the configuration and it's odd it wouldn't even show up on your menu.

You can try making sure the shortcut appears in your user send to configuration folder by visiting the "true" path instead of using the shortcut the article references. The path is here (paste into Start > Run):


This isn't a service based function so I disabling services shouldn't remove this function - but I don't really mess with the standard services to begin with.

The fact that you have lost the 'send to desktop' shortcut is a bit alarming as this really wouldn't go away unless it was explicitly removed - or the whole send to functionality got corrupted somehow (can't really comment on this last part though because I haven't really seen it).

Which did not work. Dropping shortcuts in send to folder still does not make them show up in send to menu. Just now I installed pasteasfile (which does not have the same functionality as clipout), however I noticed it added some of it's options to the send to menu.

I seem to remember using some sort of windows 7 tweak software and messing around with the send to menu.

I also have a hard time adding environmental variables, in CMD I just get (paraphrase) "no such external or internal command". I'm mentioning this because it might be related and useful to know, not because we should troubleshoot it here.

  • windows 7 ultimate, 64 bit.
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