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On an FC18 guest VirtualBox VM (a), I have bridged networking configured with DHCP. Using the DHCP address, it is possible to ping this guest from the host (b) as well as from other systems (c) on the same network, but not from hosts (d) outside the subnet.

  • dhcp ip for a is
  • dhcp ip for b is
  • dhcp ip for c is 10.3.76.*
  • dhcp ip for d is 10.6..

  • tracert from b to a shows 1 hop and succeeds

  • tracert from c to a shows 1 hop and succeeds
  • tracert from d to b shows n hops and succeeds
  • tracert from d to a shows n-1 hops and fails to reach nth hop

I assume that n-1 is a router or switch (we're on an enterprise wired network). Any idea why we can reach b from d but not a from d? Is it VirtualBox or is it the router? Our VMWare virtual machines don't have this problem and can be reached from d - to add to the confusion...

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It is a routing problem, having nothing to do with VB/VMWare. To solve it, it would be helpful to have the output of two commands, ifconfig and route -n for two guests, the VirtualBox guest and one the guests in VMWare for which the connection from d works. –  MariusMatutiae Oct 21 '13 at 8:49

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