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I'm trying to get child items of a folder recursively. However the folder contains noise files and folder (actually, this is a Visual Studio project folder).

Here what I have:

$root = Get-Item C:\Projects\MyProject

$allItems =  Get-ChildItem $root -Recurse -exclude "**\pkgobj\*"

However, $allItems still contains files and folder matching the paths.

What I did wrong?

To be more precise, I want to get both folders and files, but not the specified folder, and any of its descendant.

I also tried:

foreach($item in $allItems){
    if($item.FullName -notmatch "pkgobj") {
        Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green $item.FullName.Replace($root,'')


But no more success

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Took me a moment to understand the issue. Its a tricky one.
-exclude only applies to the name of an item, not the fullname which you want.
So you can't use -exclude.

But here is a workaround using -notlike and Fullname

$root = "C:\Projects\MyProject"
$allitems = GCI $root -recurse | Where {$_.FullName -notlike "*\pkgobj*"} 
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