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I have a tar file and I need to extract a single file from it and put it to another directory.

I tried this but it gives an error message. It did extract the file but not to the directory that I want but it extracted the file to the same directory.

tar xvf tarfile.tar -C /home/myDir filename_tobe_extracted

The error is:

x filename_tobe_extracted, 4046 bytes, 8 media blocks.
File -C not present in the archive.
File /home/myDir not present in the archive.


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Your command works as expected in my tests, both in GNU tar (1.26) and BSD tar (2.6.2).

The format of your output suggests you're using a different version from either of those. Adding the output of tar --version to your question may be helpful. In any case, your version of tar seems to be having problems parsing the command arguments, so I recommend splitting them up and flipping them around. Maybe try:

tar -x -v -C /home/myDir -f tarfile.tar filename_tobe_extracted
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