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My host system is Windows Vista home premium. I have setup a VBox environment to install slackware Linux, I'm trying to take screen prints of the various stages, but I can't seem to get the print screen to work

pressing the print-screen button on my keyboard sends a * into the guest system (I see it appear on the Linux command prompt)

Alt print screen does nothing

Print screen using the on-screen keyboard doesn't capture anything

I've downloaded ScreenPrint32, a utility for screen shots, but that fails to work at all.

Any ideas?

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Print screen and Virtual Box can be a little quirky sometimes. I get around this by using the snipping tool. If you click the Start Orb and begin typing 'snip' it should pop up. (I like it better than screen a straight print screen anyway since I discovered it)

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Mark, I didn't know about that snippet tool, but it works great. Many thanks :) – user155695 Nov 5 '09 at 20:30
Is there something like this in XP? I have a virtual PC loaded with XP and I can only use PrintScreen to capture the entire screen. I need a way to capture only the active window. – Bob Dec 2 '09 at 2:40
If you are using a winXP guest on a win7 host, you can still use the win7 snip tool, just have it highlight inside of the non-maximized vbox window – MDMarra Dec 2 '09 at 3:04

Disable "Auto capture keyboard" from virtualbox preferences.

Main virtualbox window (not running guests) -> File -> Preferences -> Input -> Unselect "Auto capture keyboard"

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VMware workstation 6.5.4 running on rhel with guest OS of Windows XP.

From menu view -> gt -> grab input, then press:

alt+prnt scrn or ctrl+prnt scrn as per normal in Windows XP. Then paste in guest as normal.

No extra software required.

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