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How might one move a row to a different location with the keyboard? I have found this guide for the mouse but due to disability I have trouble using the mouse for this.

Note that I am not looking to 'sort manually' and using an extra 'sort ordinal' column is not a viable workaround. I am aware of Calc's excellent sorting abilities though.

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I'm not sure if there's a way to "move" rows using the keyboard, but using c&p and inserting/deleting rows using the keyboard should offer the same functionality:

  • navigate to the first (leftmost) cell of the row to move;
  • hit SHIFT+SPACE to select the entire row;
  • hit CTRL+C to copy the row;
  • hit CTRL+- to delete the current row;
  • navigate to the target row;
  • hit ALT+I to open the Insert menu;
  • hit R to insert a new row (the current row will get shifted downwards);
  • hit CTRL+V to paste the row to its new place.
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Terrific, thank you! In LO 4.1 one selects the entire row with Shift-Space. Other than that everything worked fine and I learned two new shortcuts. Thank you! – dotancohen Oct 23 '13 at 7:01
I'm happy to hear that it was helpful for you :-) ! I've just edited my answer, adding the Shift-Space combination and thus implementing your hint. – tohuwawohu Oct 23 '13 at 18:40

To move a row in Open Office Calc:

  1. Select the cell in column A of the row to be moved.
  2. Hit Shift-Space to highlight the entire row.
  3. Press and hold the ALT key.
  4. Drag the row (thick black line appears) up or down to the desired location.
  5. If your work looks correct, click the Save icon in the toolbar.
  6. Otherwise, ALT-Z to undo.

If you want to over-write and destroy the target location, do not hold the ALT key down. Just click on the highlighted row and drag to it's new location. The data at the target location will be destroyed and replaced with the data of the row being moved.

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