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I'm using the Firefox extension autoproxy. When we introduce an url, it checks if it is in a black list. If it is in the list, it uses the proxy. If not, it navigates without any proxy.

I made my home computer a proxy server. I reach it through a VPN created by TeamViewer. I followed this tutorial, but I installed FreeProxy instead (actually easier to install). I set as the hostname of the proxy: PC2009, and as port: 8080 (I opened the port in my router too).

Hostname of the computer with FreeProxy installed:

hostname of the computer with FreeProxy installed

The above solution works, but I have to turn on my home pc always I want to navigate through internet. So I installed OpenVPN and added these free VPN Servers (I followed this tutorial). Now, it always navigates through the VPN if it is active.

How could I use the VPN (TAP-Windows Adapter v9) or not (Wireless Adapter) depending upon the URL is in the black list or not?

I tried to set as the proxy ip the ip of my router or the DNS, but it didn't work.

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With a little of luck I found the solution I wanted:

1) Download Freegate (portable!). Actually, I'm not sure if it is a VPN. Read the FAQ for more information.

2) (Optional) You can use Internet Explorer or download the suggested Firefox extension. But I prefer the Firefox extension autoproxy. The following image shows how I configured it:

ip:; port: 8580

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