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I recently built a NAS4Free (formerly FreeNAS) machine using a 256MB (yes, MB) USB drive for the OS. When I did the original install, I had the bright idea of making the OS partition just big enough for the OS and a then creating a second partition using the remainder of the drive to store stuff pertaining to the OS. I never really found a use for the data partition and I ended up running out of space on the OS partition, so now I'd like to combine the partitions into a single partition.

Is this something that is possible to do while everything is up and running? If it comes down to it, I can take down the machine and do a fresh install of the OS using the entire space of the USB drive, but I'd like to use this as an opportunity to better familiarize myself with FreeBSD/UNIX type systems.

If this is possible, will it interfere with the NAS4Free things? The data partition shows up in the web interface under the disks section. If I end up manually changing the partitions, I'd be concerned with NAS4Free getting confused by the missing partition.

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Before you do anything else make a backup!

Use gpart's delete command to remove the unused partition. Then use gpart's resize command to expand the partition containing your filesystem

If you used the UFS filesystem, you can then use growfs(8) to expand it. On FreeBSD versions <10.0, the filesystem must be unmounted before growing it. The easiest way to do that is by booting from a live-CD.

Read the manual pages carefully before proceeding.

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