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I keep reading and hearing that the reason that there is no good pdf editing software for Linux is that the libraries are not as well developed. That is why there is no equivalent for Skim or Preview in Linux.

I had a look a the pdf-kit documentation and the poppler documentation and they looked very similar to my admittedly non-technical view.

Could someone explain to me why the OSX libraries (eg) are so much easier to write projects like Skim in than the linux ones. I'm not sure if the same applies to OSX projects to NVAlt, but it seems to be a common theme - I'd just like to understand what is behind the thesis that OSX is easier to code these projects in, and what would be involved in changing it.

(I'm not disputing the value of Okular or Evince and the like, just noting that they don't have the richness of functionality of Skim, Preview or even things like Goodreader on the Ipad).

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