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I am one of the technical directors of a regular karaoke contest event. For the karaoke contest itself, due to tight budget, we are using what one of the sponsors are providing - Magic Sing ET-23H . The video output of the Magic Sing ET-23H are broadcasted at two big screens that are being shown to the audience and event attendees.

When a karaoke contestant provides his / her karaoke video, the video itself is in a readable USB flashdrive and is attached to the USB input of Magic Sing ET-23H. What really bugs me is that the interface of Magic Sing ET-23H are also being broadcasted at the big screen video feeds. The interface of choosing the video file is being seen in the Magic Sing ET-23H - also to the big video screens that are seen by the audience and event goers.

I will post in the comments ( if my less than 10 reputation would allow me) the picture of Magic Sing ET-23KH USB input of the device.

I always bring my laptop, Acer AS5742-7653, during the regular karaoke event. I'm using my laptop also for tallying of scores from the judges, and also playing audio files from contestants that did not provide a karaoke video. I personally am using different Linux distros, but I next to all the time use my Ubuntu Studio 12.04.3 64bit partition during the regular karaoke contest event.

My question is this: Is there a way I can share a temporary video/audio file directly from the laptop I'm using, going to the Magic Sing ET-23H that can broadcast both the video/audio file? Just like how in Window's Avisynth AVS files, or VirtualDub's temporary avi file, or like using ffplay (of ffmpeg), etc.

I have researched somewhat the matter and found links in Though I can only provide the links at the comments section of this post if my reputation of less than 10 would allow me.

I have a hunch it is possible, but I have not fully understood the device being used at the event, Magic Sing ET-23H, if there are other ways for it to broadcast video and audio files besides its USB input.

Any help to my current predicament is highly appreciated. Thank you.

PS: Since I need at least 10 reputation to post more than 2 links and also post images, I will try to post the image & links at the comments (if my below 10 reputation would allow me).

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