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How can I make Eclipse on Mac OS X to use the same text editing shortcuts as on Windows?

Home: move to begin of line
End: move to end of line
Cmd+Left: move one word to the left
Cmd+Right: move one word to the right

I tried using betterTouchTool and remapped

Home to Cmd+Left  (move to line begin) 
Cmd+Left to Option+Left (move one word to the left)

But the problem is now that when I press "Home", the cursor moves just one word to the left because Cmd+Left triggers Option+Left.

The Eclipse Preferences do not allow to assign those shortcuts.

Is there any solution?

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Eclipse allows you change key bindings for commands. For example "Previous Word" command can be changed to Cmd + Left Arrow.

From the wiki...

Display and Edit the Current Keyboard Shortcuts

To see the current key configuration and its keyboard shortcuts, choose the Eclipse > Preferences menu command to open the Eclipse workbench Preferences. Select the General > Editor > Keys page.

Type "Previous Word" in the command search, then click on the "Binding" field. Then do the key (e.g. Cmd + left arrow) then apply.

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