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I have a win7 ultimate machine which is rebooted once a week and should be able to WOL. As this is a workstation too sometimes, i have it autologged in after wake with a local account. (Control panel setting) Also, after the reboot it automatically logs on successfully. (control userpasswords2)

The WOL part is working perfectly! I can send the packets to the IP and the machine wakes up. But the problem i have is: the machine seems to be in a coma state...

When i send the paket, the pc wakes up and displays the normal user desktop (but in a frozen state - the clock shows the time when the machine entered standby).

When i then move the mouse or press a key (after the Wake up by the magic paket) the screen goes black for two seconds and comes back again with the desktop and the correct time. Also, when woken over WOL it stays awaken only for a minute (compared to the normal 10 minutes configured in Control Panel - Power mgmt)

It seems as if WOL would not trigger a full logon. I remember that i had the same problem a few years ago and solved it with nircmd.exe (tool to emulate user input and much more..., i used 'nircmd.exe movecursor 5 5') and a scheduled task on the power-troubleshooter event with id 1 (gets triggered when pc wakes) Although it was a workaround, the solution worked perfectly all the time. But Now i had to reinstall Windows because of a faulty HDD and can't get it to work again. I tried it, but nircmd.exe only runs after i move the physical mouse again (screen flashes black - .exe executes and moves mouse)

I already tried the Triggers with Kernel-General 1 and Kernel-Power 42 (In the event log i sometimes see Kernel-General 1 on wake, Kernel-Power with E-ID 42 always gets triggered on sleep...)

To clarify: I use a Batch script as action with

msg * Woken!

This gives me a nice little Window with the text.

but it's only shown on user input wake, not on WOL...

What is going on? Can somebody explain me the situation? Thanks!

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